All the information you need about your lung condition, from symptoms and diagnosis to managing your condition and much more.

Living with a lung condition

Information to help you live well with a lung condition

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Cold weather and your lungs

Cold weather can worsen the symptoms of your lung condition and increase your risk of becoming unwell. Find out how to look after your lungs in cold weather.
Woman using an inhaler and spacer

How to use your inhaler

Watch our short video guides about using your inhaler correctly. The right technique will ensure you’re getting the right dose, so you can better manage your symptoms.
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Stop smoking

If you have a lung condition, the best thing you can do for your lungs is to quit smoking. Find out about the different ways you can quit smoking.
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Mental health and wellbeing

We explain why mental health can be affected when you have a lung condition, the different mental health issues you might face and ways you can manage or treat them.
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Healthy eating and weight

Find out why eating well and staying a healthy weight is important if you live with a lung condition.
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Travelling with a lung condition

Everything you need to know when planning your holiday if you have a lung condition

More about living with a lung condition

Get answers to all your questions about managing life with a lung condition

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