Sarcoidosis is a condition where cells in your body join together to make small lumps called granulomas.

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What is sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis, also called sarcoid, is a condition where inflamed cells join together to make tiny lumps called granulomas. This can happen in any part of your body.

What are the symptoms of sarcoidosis?

The symptoms of sarcoidosis depend on what part of the body is affected.
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How is sarcoidosis diagnosed?

Sarcoidosis can be difficult to diagnose. It shares symptoms with lots of other conditions and you may not have any obvious symptoms.
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How is sarcoidosis treated?

Many people with sarcoidosis get better without needing medication. However, some people will need to be treated with drugs.
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What is the outlook for those with sarcoidosis?

We look at how sarcoidosis affects people in very different ways.
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