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How we're pushing for better research into lung conditions


Transforming investment in lung research and innovation

We’re fighting for better respiratory outcomes and to make the UK the best place in the world to do lung research.
Ian Jarrold head of research

Lung Research and Innovation Group (LRIG)

Bringing lung research and innovation together to speak as one voice and raise the profile of lung conditions.
Woman using an inhaler

Asthma is Worse for Women

Let’s transform the lives of women with asthma
Investing in breath report

The true cost of lung conditions

New analysis by Asthma + Lung UK, conducted in partnership with PwC, reveals the £188bn cost of lung conditions on the UK economy each year.
Report open to 10 priorities needed to fix lung health

Fixing lung health in the UK - 10 priorities

10 priorities to fix the UK research pipeline and the nation's poor lung health
Senior man testing breathing function by spirometry

Transforming Respiratory Diagnostics: The Way Forward

Read how improved respiratory diagnostics could offer the potential to radically improve people’s lives

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