Living with a lung condition

Life with a lung condition

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Hot weather and your lungs

Hot weather can make asthma and other lung condition symptoms worse. Find out how to stay well in hot weather.
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Cold weather and your lungs

Cold weather can worsen the symptoms of your lung condition and increase your risk of becoming unwell. Find out how to look after your lungs in cold weather.
Woman using an inhaler and spacer

How to use your inhaler

Watch our short video guides about using your inhaler correctly. The right technique will ensure you’re getting the right dose, so you can better manage your symptoms.
Woman covering her nose and mouth beside a busy road

Air pollution

Find out how to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution.
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Indoor air pollution

Find out about the types of air pollution you might find in your home and how you can prevent them from worsening your lung condition.
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Stop smoking

If you have a lung condition, the best thing you can do for your lungs is to quit smoking. Find out about the different ways you can quit smoking.
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Sex and relationships

Find out about sex and relationships when you live with a lung condition
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Mental health and wellbeing

We explain why mental health can be affected when you have a lung condition, the different mental health issues you might face and ways you can manage or treat them.
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End of life

This information is for people with a long-term lung condition who are coming to the end of their life. It’s also for those who are close to them, including carers, family, and friends.
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Travelling with a lung condition

Everything you need to know when planning your holiday if you have a lung condition
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Healthy eating and weight

Find out why eating well and staying a healthy weight is important if you live with a lung condition.
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Financial support and benefits when you have a lung condition

Find out about welfare benefits and other types of financial support for people living with a lung condition in the UK.

Keeping active with a lung condition

Find out how staying active can help you manage your lung condition. We also have information on pulmonary rehabilitation and tips on how to stay motivated.

Music and your lungs

Find out how singing and playing musical instruments can help your lungs when you have a lung condition.

Caring for someone with a lung condition

Find out the support available if you're caring for someone with a lung condition

Sleep and lung conditions

Find out how your lung condition might be affecting your sleep.
Inhaler and spacer on a table

Fasting with a lung condition

Find out how to stay safe and healthy during Ramadan if you're living with a lung condition like asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, or cystic fibrosis.

Working with a lung condition

Find out how to get the support you need to make work life with a lung condition easier
Asthma + Lung UK

Getting a GP appointment

We know from calls to our helpline that it can be hard to get a GP appointment sometimes. Here’s some advice for getting in touch with your GP.
Multiple fireworks in a dark sky, bursting in a vibrant display of gold, red, and white sparks

Fireworks and your lungs

The smoke and chemicals from fireworks and bonfires could affect your lung condition. Find out how to look after your lungs around fireworks.
User An elderly woman with grey curly hair, wearing glasses and a red cardigan, hugs a young girl in front of a lit Christmas tree

Stay well during the festive season

There’s a lot you can do to stay well during the festive season. Find out how to prepare for Christmas and special events during winter.

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