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Lung conditions are the third biggest killer in the UK, yet too little is being done to prevent, treat, and cure them. Find out how we're fighting to change this through our focused research, impactful campaigns, and dedicated efforts in tackling critical issues like air pollution, smoking, and asthma care.

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Asthma + Lung UK

Levelling up lung health

Find out about Asthma + Lung UK's response to the government's “levelling up” agenda. We're monitoring progress against five key criteria aimed at reducing lung health inequalities by 2030.
Asthma + Lung UK

Our asthma reports

Find out about Asthma + Lung UK's work on asthma, including campaigns against prescription charges, research on severe asthma, annual care surveys, digital management advances, and the broader impact of asthma on health.
Asthma + Lung UK

Our lung condition reports

Find out about Asthma + Lung UK's lung condition reports, covering topics like COPD care, air pollution, smoking's impact on health, COVID-19 effects, and strategies to improve lung healthcare and reduce NHS strain.

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