Our lung condition reports

Find out about Asthma + Lung UK's lung condition reports, covering topics like COPD care, air pollution, smoking's impact on health, COVID-19 effects, and strategies to improve lung healthcare and reduce NHS strain.

Vaping Policy Review (2024) - This report is a policy review of Asthma + Lung UK's position on vaping in the UK.

Diagnosing the problem: right test, right time (2023) - Our new report into the provision of key respiratory diagnostic tests investigates ways to improve early and accurate diagnosis. 

Saving your breath (2023) - Our report sets out three steps to fix lung healthcare – to stop lung conditions destroying lives and burdening the NHS.

Delayed Diagnosis and Unequal Care (2022) provides key insights into the experience of people with COPD over the last year. It reveals a worrying picture of delayed diagnosis, substandard care, and a disproportionate impact of inequalities on people with COPD.  

Alerting the Nation: Improving the way information is used to protect the most vulnerable from air pollution (2022) uses insight gathered from our beneficiaries to analyse whether air pollution information is getting to people who need it most. The report sets out how government should work with others to ensure the information it provides helps people to both protect themselves and reduce levels air pollution across the country. It also sets out what needs to be done to improve the alerts that are sent out when pollution levels are high in order to protect everyone’s lungs.

Clearing the smoke: Levelling up health by stamping out tobacco (2022) demonstrates the huge impact of smoking on life expectancy and that the government’s levelling up health agenda can only be achieved by a renewed effort to cut smoking rates. It provides effective, evidenced based policies for doing this.

Failing on the fundamentals: our COPD report (2021) – insights from those living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) around the UK.

Clear the air: Improving air quality to protect future generations and level up our communities (2021) highlights the unfair burden which air pollution places on deprived communities across the UK, with new analysis showing the number of babies born into toxic air. It discusses why cleaning up our air should be central to the Government’s levelling up agenda and a key part of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

A Breath of Fresh Air: research into the training needs of UK GPs on Very Brief Advice for smoking cessation shows that not enough GPs are equipped to have effective conversations about smoking with patients.

Recovery and reset for respiratory: restoring and improving basic care for patients with lung disease outlines the enormous impact COVID-19 has had on the care received by people with lung disease across the UK.

The health and economic impacts of toxic air in Liverpool City Region reveals that up to 1,040 deaths per year in Liverpool can be directly linked to exposure to air pollution.

Toxic air at the door of the NHS reveals that millions of patients and healthcare practitioners across the UK are exposed to unsafe levels of pollution.

Less help to quit - what's happening to stop smoking prescriptions across Britain (2018) highlights how every year fewer patients are being given treatments to help them quit smoking.

The battle for breath - the impact of lung disease in the UK (2016) examines the overall extent and impact of lung disease across the UK.

The battle for breath - the economic burden of lung disease (2017) reveals the financial cost of lung disease to the NHS, patients and the economy.

A map for better care (2017) looks at ways to improve access to care for people with interstitial lung disease (ILD).

The economic costs of lung disease and the cost effectiveness of policy and service interventions (2017) – a literature review on the costs of different lung diseases and the cost effectiveness of policy and service interventions.

Out in the cold: lung disease, the hidden driver of NHS winter pressure (2017) – our report, lays bare the steep rise in lung disease admissions to hospitals in recent years.