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Courses and providers

On this page you will find links to some courses on respiratory conditions that are available for healthcare professionals, along with some professional organisations you might think about joining.

Please be aware that none of these courses or their providers are endorsed by Asthma + Lung UK. You should check that the course you choose meets your specific requirements and accreditation standards.

Not sure where to start?  

The Primary Care and General Practice Nursing Career and Core Capabilities Framework provides information about the education nurses working within primary care and general practice settings need to be able to manage chronic conditions.

Connect to your local training hub and find out what training and support is available to you.

Take a look at Fit To Care.  This is a resource designed by the Primary Care Respiratory Society which will help you work out what skills and knowledge you need to practice at standard, advanced and expert levels. You can use this document to support application for funding for courses from your employer.    

Courses and providers

Elearning for Healthcare has free short foundation online courses for asthma in adults and FeNO testing.

The Children and Young People Capabilty Framework free tiered training can also be found on Elearning for Healthcare

Health Education England offers training for the management of long-term conditions for clinical pharmacists.  

Rotherham Respiratory has a range of accredited respiratory courses available at foundation to advanced level. Part-funded courses and an educational fund are available.

Education for Health respiratory courses are accredited by the University of Hertfordshire and are available from foundation level to Level 7.  Scholarships and bursaries are available.

The Association for Respiratory Physiology and Technology (ARTP) has a list of external training providers for spirometry in adults and children

The British Thoracic Society have a selection of short courses and also a resources platfom, Respiratory Futures

Professional organisations
ARNS logo

The Association of Respiratory Nurses (ARNS) was established in 1997 as a nursing forum to champion the specialty respiratory nursing community, promote excellence in practice, and influence respiratory health policy. ARNS also works to influence the direction of respiratory nursing care.

ILD IN logo

The  Interstitial Lung Disease Interdisciplinary Network (ILD-IN) is a supportive and collaborative network for health professionals of all disciplines caring for people with interstitial lung disease (ILD).


PCRS logo

The Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS)  is a membership organisation for healthcare professionals working in primary, community and integrated care with an interest in respiratory disease management. PCRS provides support, information-sharing, learning and skill-improvement for all those involved in the care for people with respiratory conditions.  They strive to empower colleagues, bring them together, inform and support education and professional development.


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