Our asthma reports

Find out about Asthma + Lung UK's work on asthma, including campaigns against prescription charges, research on severe asthma, annual care surveys, digital management advances, and the broader impact of asthma on health.

Prescription charges campaign

Our campaign to stop unfair prescription charges for people with asthma garnered more than 75,000 petition signatures, and generated debates in parliament.

Paying to breathe: why unfair asthma prescription charges must be stopped (2019)

A hidden harm: why healthcare professionals want to stop unfair asthma prescription charges (2019)

Severe asthma

Severe asthma affects a small number of people with asthma but its impact can be devastating. Our research tackles the scale of the problem, access to life-changing treatments, and the real exerience of life with severe and difficult asthma.

Do no harm: safer and better treatment options for people with asthma (2020)

Falling into isolation: lived experience of people with severe asthma (2020)

Living in limbo: the scale of unmet need in difficult and severe asthma (2019)

Slipping through the net: the reality facing patients with difficult and severe asthma (2018)

Basic care – annual asthma surveys

Every year we conduct a major survey of people with asthma, examining the standards of care they receive, and their real-life exerience of living with the condition. Previous issues of the report can also be accessed from the latest survey page.

Fighting back: transforming asthma care in the UK (2022)

Asthma Care in a Crisis: the Annual Asthma Survey 2020 (2021)

Health inequalities

Factors such as where you live, your age and your economic circumstances can affect your chances of developing asthma – and the care you receive. We explore the links between deprivation and asthma, and how to reduce the unfair burden.

On the edge: how inequality affects people with asthma (2018)

Breathing unequal: how people with lung conditions living in poverty are twice as likely to be admitted to hospital (2023)

Digital asthma and data sharing

Technology has the potential to develop new ways to tackle persistent asthma care challenges. We’re exploring how data, digital and connected devices can better be used to re-imagine care at all levels – and ensuring that the patient voice is heard in policy developments.

Digital asthma: re-imagining primary care (2020)

Data sharing and technology: exploring the attitudes of people with asthma (2018)

Smart asthma: deploying digital devices in the UK (2017)

Connected asthma: how technology can transform care (2016)

Research influencing

Explore our work aimed at creating the research environment necessary in the UK and Europe to drive improvements in asthma care and the vital investment in asthma research and development.

Asthma still kills (2019)

Diagnosing asthma: a 21st century challenge (2018)

The true cost of lung conditions (2023)

Other reports

Ten years gone: asthma care in the UK since the National Review of Asthma Deaths (NRAD) (2024)

Asthma is worse for women (2022)

Patient safety failures in asthma care: the scale of unsafe prescribing in the UK (2015)

The National Review of Asthma Deaths (2014)