Levelling up lung health

Find out about Asthma + Lung UK's response to the government's “levelling up” agenda. We're monitoring progress against five key criteria aimed at reducing lung health inequalities by 2030.

The government was elected in 2019 on a mission to “unite and level up” the country. This was a welcome promise to tackle the deep-rooted place-based inequalities that can be found across the UK in all areas of public life, including educational attainment, pay, labour market access, transport accessibility and health outcomes. After much disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has finally set out what it means by “levelling up” in its white paper, Levelling Up the UK, published in February 2022.

In response to this, Asthma + Lung UK have set out five stress tests that we will be holding the government to account on over the next eight years, as it seeks to level up the UK by 2030, to make sure it overcomes the inequalities at the centre of poor lung health.

Levelling up Lung Health - How improving lung health will achieve levelling up by delivering a healthier, fairer society (2022)

Read our detailed policy roadmaps for achieving levelling up:

Investing In research and development (2022)

Stamping out smoking (2022)

Tackling ambient air pollution (2022)

Improving diagnosis and care (2022)

Reducing air pollution exposure (2022)