Stop smoking

Find out about different ways to quit smoking, how to cope with withdrawal symptoms, and when you’ll notice the benefits

This February, politicians living in England will have the chance to stand up for lung health and protect the next generation from the harm of smoking by voting for an age limit that increases every year. Write to your MP now and get them to vote for this bill

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Why is smoking bad for you? The effects of smoking

Find out why smoking is bad for you and the people around you, as well as why it can be hard to quit.
Man looking at a cigarette

How to quit smoking - the best ways to quit

You’re more likely to quit smoking if you have help from friends, family, and professionals. Learn more.
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Vaping and e-cigarettes

Find out how e-cigarettes can be a useful tool to help you quit smoking.
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Withdrawal symptoms

Find out how to deal with withdrawal symptoms after stopping smoking. We have information on ways to cope and what to do if you start smoking again.
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