Transforming Respiratory Diagnostics: The Way Forward

Read the joint report prepared by Asthma + Lung UK and LifeArc to catalyse progress in respiratory diagnosis.

In November 2023, Asthma + Lung UK and LifeArc held a workshop on ‘Transforming Respiratory Diagnostics’ at the Royal Society in London. It brought together a diversely skilled group of 100 people – including clinicians, academics, innovators and people living with respiratory disease.

The perspectives and proposals from this event highlight emerging ideas set to influence future strategies in the development and integration of diagnostic and screening tools for respiratory conditions.  We have now brought all of these discussions together into this joint report.

What are the challenges faced by people with respiratory diseases?

  • Lack of opportunities to prevent disease
  • Delays in receiving a timely diagnosis
  • Delays in getting the right treatment
  • Living with the unpredictability of exacerbations

How can respiratory diagnostics help to address these challenges?

  • A ‘lung health indicator’
  • A simple, accurate, low-cost diagnostic tool
  • Patient stratification tools
  • Disease monitoring tools

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Next steps

This report highlights the urgent need for a step-change in how lung diseases are detected, treated and managed. Achieving this transformational shift will only happen through collaboration among stakeholders, including researchers, healthcare providers, patients, and funders.

Together we can make this happen. Join us in making this vision a reality. 

Be part of the change

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