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Join our team of volunteers and be part of our mission to transform lung health in the UK.

There are millions of people in the UK living with lung disease. We’re working to make sure all of them have access to the support they need. But we can’t do it alone and that's why volunteering matters so much to us.

To learn more about how you can contribute and find answers to common volunteer queries, please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

Volunteer roles

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Support group volunteer (in-person or online)

Volunteer for support groups and help provide support and information for people affected by a lung condition either face to face or online.
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Cheer squad volunteer

Support Team Breathe runners and volunteer at cheer stations in Newcastle, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Brighton.
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Community representative volunteer

Join Asthma + Lung UK's national roadshow for lung health awareness. Volunteer at our info stalls in your community.
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Ambassador volunteer (in-person or online)

Become an ambassador for Asthma + Lung UK and help us connect with individuals, communities, businesses or healthcare professionals.

Other involvement opportunities

Shape the future of respiratory services by contributing your valuable insights and experiences as an individual living with lung conditions.


Respiratory Voices Network

Join our Respiratory Voices Network and use your experience to improve research into lung conditions.


Lived experience advisory panel (LEAP) for lung research

Your voice can shape research priorities and guide researchers and innovators on what matters most to people living with lung conditions.

Volunteer with us

People from all walks of life are already volunteering their time with us, they are a vital part of Asthma + Lung UK and the wider impact we have.

Join our fight for lung health and help us strive for world where everyone has healthy lungs.

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