Volunteer frequently asked questions

Explore volunteering at Asthma + Lung UK. Get all your questions answered about volunteer commitments, opportunities, and support.

How much time do I need to volunteer?

It’s up to you. The amount of time needed is different for each volunteering opportunity and will be mentioned in the role description. 

We have a wide range of volunteer roles from those which might require a few hours for a one-off event, to roles for which you might need a couple of hours weekly or monthly. Some opportunities are short term and others might require a longer commitment. 

While some volunteering takes place during office hours, you can volunteer at evenings and weekends too, again depending on what you want to do. 

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

While there is no upper age limit for people to volunteer with us, a lot of our roles have a lower limit of over 18 years old.

Can I volunteer with my family or friends?

Some volunteering opportunities are suitable for group volunteering, such as the cheer squad volunteers at sports events, and you might also consider volunteering with family or friends for community fundraising events.

Can I volunteer in an office or shop?

We are currently not able to offer volunteer roles in our office and although Asthma + Lung UK items can be bought online, we don’t have charity shops on the high street.

Can I volunteer from home?

Yes, we have volunteer opportunities which can be done remotely e.g. online support group volunteers or administrative volunteers. We are also working to expand out remote volunteering offers so please check our website for new opportunities.

Is it possible to volunteer in a one-to-one support role?

Our volunteer-led support sessions are in a group setting, rather than a one-to-one support or a befriending service. Our groups offer support and information to anyone affected by a lung condition and instil a sense of community for those who attend. As well as face-to-face groups, we also have online support groups, for more information on the groups and sessions please see here

How can I know if there is a support group in my area?

You can check if there’s a group in your area by using our online tool or by calling our support group team on 0300 222 5800 (press 4 for support groups).

Do volunteers need to have lived experience of a lung condition?  

No, anyone can volunteer, and we'd really appreciate your help! We have a range of opportunities so keep checking our volunteer with us page if there isn't anything for you right now.

Do volunteers receive training?  

All new volunteers are offered Induction training, and some volunteers might also be invited to attend role-specific training depending on the opportunities they are interested to take on.

Do you provide volunteer induction?

Yes, all new volunteers are offered an induction training giving them an overview of Asthma + Lung UK's history, activities, services and campaigns.

Can you provide IT equipment?

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue IT equipment to volunteers at the moment.  

Do you provide expenses?

Yes, we will reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred while volunteering, such as travel/milage and sustenance in accordance with our volunteering policy.  

Do volunteers require references?

Yes, volunteer roles are subject to a reference check. Volunteers will need to be able to provide contact details of two referees.  

Do volunteers require DBS checks?

Not all our volunteering roles require a DBS check, if the check is required it will be explicitly stated when we advertise the opportunity and discussed during the initial call or meeting.  

Are volunteers insured?  

Yes, volunteers acting in their roles as described and requested by the charity are covered for insurance purposes in respect of personal injury, and professional and public liability insurance.  

Can I use my car when volunteering for Asthma + Lung UK?

Yes, and you may submit an expense claim for your mileage.  However, we cannot and do not provide motor insurance and you should tell your insurers about your volunteering activity, to ensure that you remain fully covered.

Do you provide student and work placements or internships?

We are currently not able to offer student/work experience or internships. However, we have a range of volunteering roles should you be interested in those.  

Can I volunteer if I’m an international student based in the UK?  

If you’re an international student studying in the UK, you are able to volunteer with us during the period you are enrolled at a UK university. You’ll need to provide the UK address you’ll be staying at. You must always ensure that you do not have restrictions on your visa preventing you from volunteering whilst in the UK.

Can I volunteer if I’m based overseas?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a volunteering opportunity if you are based outside the UK. Please note we’re unable to sponsor visa applications but are grateful for your interest in wishing to support us.

Do volunteers receive payment or employment?

No, our volunteer roles are unpaid opportunities and our volunteers will not be entering in an employment relationship with the charity.  

What do I do if I miss a call or haven't heard from you?

If we call and there’s no response, we’ll leave a voicemail and then follow up with an email (please check your junk/spam folders). If you’ve not received contact from us within the week, please get in touch at volunteer@asthmaandlung.org.uk.  

When will my volunteer role start?

Your volunteer role starts after you have returned your volunteer application form, and recruitment checks are done. You’ll also be appointed a key contact with whom you can discuss any questions or concerns and agree on a start date. Then you should be ready to go!  

I changed my mind about volunteering, but I've sent over the application form. What should I do?  

You can cancel your application to volunteer at any time by emailing volunteer@asthmaandlung.org.uk  and letting us know or by emailing your key contact.  

What do I do if my circumstances change, and I can no longer volunteer?

We do understand that life circumstances change which might prevent you from continuing to volunteer. If this happens, we ask that you let your key contact or the volunteer engagement team at volunteer@asthmaandlung.org.uk know as soon as you can. Also, we might ask you for a short feedback on your volunteering experience with us.