Lived experience advisory panel (LEAP) for lung research

Shape research priorities and guide researchers and innovators on what matters most to people living with lung conditions. 

Our Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) inform the future of lung research and innovation. 

People living with lung conditions and their carers are essential to how research and innovation is developed and carried out. LEAP meet regularly to: 

  • Shape research priorities and guide researchers on what matters most to people with lung conditions 

  • Ensure trials and studies are designed in a way to be accessible and inclusive 

  • Help researchers develop strategies for effective communication with people who are participating in their study

  • Identify how to measure what matters most to patients, to make sure the impact of research is assessed in an accurate and meaningful way 

Members share their experiences of living with range of lung conditions to drive research progress. 

The group meets every other month (6 times a year) for a few hours to hear about the latest research and share their thoughts and expertise. Members take part for a year and may be able to continue on the panel for another 12 months if they'd like to stay involved. 

More information about joining LEAP:

Members will be asked to use their lived experiences to give feedback on research proposals, answer specific questions posed by researchers and helping craft clear, informative materials for patients. This will involve:

  • Reading research summaries and other documents like study information sheets or protocols

  • Actively participating in an online meeting every other month

  • Providing written feedback on documents before or after meetings

  • Listening to the contributions of other panel members and helping identify shared viewpoints or areas for further discussion and debate

  • Following relevant Asthma + Lung UK guidance and policies 

  • Good written and verbal communication skills, in order to articulate your thoughts and experiences clearly and concisely

  • Good listening skills e.g. paying close attention to researchers and other patients, asking clarifying questions

  • Able to engage in constructive and respectful discussion, valuing diverse perspectives and handling disagreements with respect for others

  • A problem solving attitude, able to analyse information, challenge assumptions and think beyond your personal experiences to try and find solutions or improvements

  • Willingness to learn about research and other lung conditions  

The time commitment will be about 3.5 hours every other month. This will involve a 1 hour 45 minute meeting and between 1-2 hours of independent preparation or follow-up work. You may also be contacting by email between meetings with brief questions, document feedback requests or additional opportunities to share your perspectives. 

For consistency, we'd like people to commit to LEAP for 12 months (6 meetings). There will be more opportunities to contribute further after this. 

We offer an honorarium, or ‘thank you’ payment, to members as a small recognition of the time and expertise. This will typically be £75 per meeting. 

Your voice can make a difference