Innovation accelerator

Apply for support to take your respiratory innovation project to the next level. 

This award competition will support respiratory innovation products through user testing and bring them a step closer to market. 

High quality, user-centered technology in the hands of two million people with lung conditions. That's our goal. 

To get there, we're launching our inaugural accelerator programme in partnership with Humanly, a competition to give innovations that could help people living with lung conditions a boost towards this goal. 

This year's theme is moving more.

We know that physical activity can be beneficial for lots of people with lung conditions, but sometimes people struggle to do this on their own without some extra support. That’s why we’re looking to find and support the best innovations that help people with lung conditions do exercise or physical activity safely and independently. If your product fits that bill, express your interest in applying. 

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How the programme works 

Stage 1 
The chosen innovations will be put to the test by people with lung conditions over 8 weeks, who will use the products and share their feedback. The results will be analysed the results and delivered in a report for you and your team. 

Stage 2
The teams behind the best products will have the opportunity to receive a year of further support from Asthma + Lung UK to reach even more people with lung conditions and ensure your product has the maximum impact. 

What support will I recieve?

By taking part you will be demonstrating commitment to user feedback and product improvement, and creating products that are user-centric and aligned with patient needs. You'll also get: 

  • Access to a diverse group of people living with lung conditions, who will be recruited and incentivised by us to test and provide feedback on your product over 8 weeks 
  • A bespoke insights report for your product with key findings from real-world user testing, as well as identified opportunities and ideas for future development 
  • Tailored recommendations from the award-winning team of designers at Humanly 
  • Guidance on how to utilise real-world evidence in the product evaluation and adoption pathway 

Tailored support from Asthma + Lung UK to further develop and scale your product. This could look like:

  • Advice, endorsement, media and PR work
  • Facilitated introductions to key industry and NHS stakeholders, experts, and potential investors  

Who can apply? 

Your product must fit the theme 'moving more' and be safe and usable for people with lung conditions. 

How can I find out more?

Email for more information or with any questions.

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