Help us fix respiratory care today

The government isn’t taking lung health seriously. Lung conditions remain the third biggest killer in the UK, and cost the NHS billions every single year. But it’s those who are living with a lung condition who are paying the price for the government’s lack of action.

We’re urging the government to follow our three steps to fix respiratory care. Will you join us? 

Our three steps to fix respiratory care  

It’s time the government took lung health seriously. Following our three step plan could save lives and give everyone with a lung condition the care they need.  

  1. Ramp up and fully fund testing to make sure everyone who needs it is able to get an early and accurate diagnosis  
  2. Support everyone with a lung condition to stay healthy by improving data and monitoring, including annual reviews with a medical professional  
  3. Improve access to the medications and treatments that work so people with lung conditions have the best possible chances to live well  

It's been quite difficult to get the support I need because I am a young woman who looks very well… I shouldn't have to be coughing my lungs up to be taken seriously, and I don't think any of my healthcare should be based on how I look that day.

Let’s fight for lung health, together