Clean air campaigns

Dangerous levels of air pollution mean that right now, 99% of people breathe air that is classed as unsafe for human health.

We need to address this issue urgently – and we’re stronger together.

A public health emergency

The impact of breathing in toxic air is devastating. It’s a public health emergency contributing to the early deaths of up to 43,000 people every year in the UK.

Toxic air can stunt the growth of children’s lungs and has been linked to a range of serious health issues, from heart disease to dementia and poor mental health.

The UK government knows that air pollution levels in the UK are way above limits set by the World Health Organisation. But they’re not doing enough about it. This needs to change.  

But change only happens when we work together.  

We’re working on campaigns that will help influence policy to make these changes, and achieve a future with cleaner air for all.

We're calling for big changes nationally as well as tailored changes in local communities. This way we can make sure that the right solutions are introduced at the right level.   

Join our call for local leaders to tackle toxic air

With more action from political leaders everybody’s health can be protected. 


Greater Manchester

Sign our petition to demand cleaner air to breathe in Greater Manchester.

Your story

Toxic air is a public health emergency, but it is an invisible problem. We work with people who have a story to share about how air pollution has impacted them, or their loved ones. Stories about the real human impact of air pollution are much easier to connect with than facts and figures alone. Sharing your story about how air pollution affects your life could make a significant difference to our campaign – putting personal experience at the centre of the issue.

For anyone who is affected by lung conditions, if you share your story, it's a way of connecting with other people who have had similar experiences and also amplifying your voice to make sure that you have a say on matters that affect you. Organisations like Asthma + Lung UK exist for people and they provide resource and care for these people. Air pollution is a public health emergency but the problem is invisible. If air pollution has affected your life tell Asthma + Lung UK, we would love to share your story. It's important that people speak up and raise awareness about air pollution because it's a public health crisis and we're all affected by it. Whatever your background, whatever your story, you can make a difference.

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