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Improve your ability to handle breathlessness and connect with a supportive community of individuals who can relate to and empathise with your experiences.

Explore our diverse range of online, in-person, and singing groups to find the one that best suits your preferences and needs. 

If you have any doubt as to the suitability of these sessions please consult your HCP, especially if you have recently had surgery.

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Singing for Lung Health group

Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays is our weekly online Singing for Lung Health session led by Helen Hayes who has taken part in the Asthma + Lung UK Singing for Lung Health programme.
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The Breathe Easy Programme

Living with a lung condition can be difficult. Let's talk about it. In our online support group you can discuss your condition, how you are affected by it, and ways to self-manage.
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Mindfulness for lung health

Looking after your lung health in a busy world can be difficult. Mindfulness for lung health can help you manage your symptoms. Our online Mindfulness for lung health group runs for six sessions.
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Harmonica for lung health

You will learn to play some folk, country and blues music, as well as learning new breathing techniques and strengthening your breathing and coughing muscles.
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Feel Good Fridays

You can improve your mobility and wellbeing with our chair based Zumba sessions, but most importantly, have fun!
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COPD Online Support Group

Volunteer Vivienne leads our group for people with COPD. The group meets online on Zoom once a month on Thursday.
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Bronchiectasis Online Support Group

Volunteer Patricia has had bronchiectasis for most of her life and is the volunteer of a group dedicated to supporting people who have this little known condition. The group meet once a month and have a range of great speakers.
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Long Covid Online Support Group

The Long Covid support group focusses on Breathlessness and self-management. We meet once a month on a Tuesday.
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Home Ventilation Online Support Group

An online support group for those using home ventilation on a regular basis with talks from specialist healthcare providers, pulmonary rehab specialists and dietitians.

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Parent and Carer Support Network

We offer support and free online events for parents and carers of children with asthma.

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