Mindfulness for lung health

This six week course is a taster in Mindfulness. It aims to give members the tools that will support them in leading more fulfilling lives. Helping to improve quality of life, reduce emotional distress and reduce fatigue.

The next set of sessions begin on Tuesday 4th June at 10.30am. Places are strictly limited.

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The techniques taught are a mix of mindfulness, meditation, compassion and supportive mindful movement practice.

This course will be led by Anne and Barbara, who are fully accredited Breathworks teachers, having completed a comprehensive teacher training programme with this organisation in 2020/21 including Introductory and Advanced levels and Mindful Movement. Breathworks teacher training is widely regarded as one of the most thorough and in-depth available. Anne and Barbara are accredited to teach the two Breathworks’ signature courses: Mindfulness for Health, for chronic pain and long-term health conditions, and Mindfulness for Stress, for stress, anxiety, and mental unrest. The Breathworks approach to mindfulness has been subjected to numerous scientific studies and has proven to be a highly effective method for managing chronic health conditions, pain conditions and mental health illnesses.

Using mindfulness techniques such as meditation and mindful movement our instructors will help you to build a toolkit of practices, these can then be used to help accept and manage life’s challenges.

Mindfulness can help you to relax, notice and enjoy the pleasant things in life as well as helping you to manage your health condition by reducing fatigue and restoring balance and focus.

The course is a balance between mindfulness theory and practical sessions. Using mindfulness effectively is a skill and practicing between sessions is encouraged.

As the sessions aren’t recorded, we’re unable to send out recordings of missed sessions. There will be a short catch up at the beginning of each session to go over the weeks previous content.

Please note that mindfulness can bring up uncomfortable feelings and sensations, please do let us know during the session if you’re experiencing such feelings ‘ it may not be suitable for someone who is experiencing a significant depressive episode or anyone who had been recently bereaved.

We also kindly ask that you arrive in good time for the start of the sessions. As the practical sessions require instruction and explanation if you arrive during this time you’ll be admitted after that particular practice is completed.

We ask that you attend all six sessions if possible. We understand your health may not allow this but ask you do your best and let us know if you can't attend.

If you would like to find out more, email supportgroups@asthmaandlung.org.uk or call 0300 222 5800.

What an amazing hour session. I feel so relaxed! I almost feel I’ve been away for a few days. Thank you again to all for arranging it and so look forward to the next session.

Our sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to try something you may not have been able to try before. They may involve moderate exertion, so it is important that you consider your own physical well-being so you don't put yourself at risk  We encourage you to talk to your GP before attending to ensure the activity is right for you. Our practitioners are fully qualified to deliver on-line respiratory sessions and will encourage you to listen to your body, take regular breaks and always seek medical attention if you don't feel right. There is always a member of the team checking in with everyone during the sessions. If you would like more information about the activities on offer then please contact us at supportgroups@asthmaandlung.org.uk or call 0300 222 5800, option 4