What we stand for

We are fighting to transform lung health and make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

What we stand for

We listen to people with lung conditions to amplify their concerns and combine this with robust evidence to set out the issues that matter for lung health. Together, with campaigners and policy makers, we’re fighting for your right to breathe. 

Clean air

We want everyone to grow up breathing air that doesn’t damage their lungs.


Everyone with a lung condition should be prioritised for vaccines they need.

Health inequalities

The poorest people are most affected by lung conditions, we’re fighting to change this.

Access to medicines

We want everyone who will benefit from life-changing drugs to access them.

Accelerating diagnosis

We want everyone who needs a diagnosis to get one as quickly as possible.

Improving basic care

Everyone deserves to receive basic levels of care, but millions still aren’t receiving it.

Smoking + e-cigarettes

We want to see more funding for life-saving stop smoking services.

Pulmonary rehab + self-management

Everyone with breathlessness should have access to pulmonary rehab.
Woman looking at her medicines

Severe asthma

Everyone with severe asthma should have access to the drugs and treatment they need.

End unfair prescription charges

We are campaigning for an end to prescription charges for everyone with asthma. No more #payingtobreathe
Group of people standing outside the Houses of Parliament campaigning

Campaign with us

Together, we’re campaigning for better lung health. Find out how you can help.

Statistics about lung conditions

Find data on lung conditions in the UK 

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