Home oxygen therapy

If you’re living with a lung condition, you may be offered home oxygen therapy if your blood oxygen levels are persistently low. We’ve put this information together to explain what home oxygen therapy is, why it’s used as a treatment and who can benefit from using it.

It describes the different ways oxygen is provided by the NHS. There’s also advice on living well and safely with oxygen

Life with oxygen therapy

If you use home oxygen therapy, it's important to use it safely, to inform your insurers and to be prepared when going on holiday. On this page we give advice on living well with oxygen therapy.

How is home oxygen delivered?

Home oxygen therapy can be delivered in various ways. Find out the different delivery methods available across the UK.

When is a referral made and how is home oxygen therapy assessed?

Find out how someone is referred for home oxygen therapy and how they are assessed.

Will I benefit from home oxygen therapy?

Home oxygen therapy helps improve persistently low blood oxygen levels which place a strain on your heart. Find out how home oxygen therapy helps and who might benefit from it.

What is home oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy is a form of treatment used when a person’s blood oxygen levels are persistently low. On this page, we explain the different types of home oxygen therapy that are available and why it is used.

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