Fundraise at work

If you want to do fundraising at work and need inspiration, check out some of our ideas. There are so many ways to raise money at work, inside or outside the office!

Ideas + challenges

Close-up of a woman's hands with black-painted nails holding a red cup of tea

Coffee morning

Get your colleagues together for some lovely food and refreshments. It’s guaranteed to boost team morale. Find out more and sign up now!

Friends walking on forest footpath, wearing casual clothing and backpacks

Your walk

Organise a walk as a team building activity or set a walking challenge that everyone can join virtually from different locations!

 Smiling woman in swimming pool

Your swim

Whether it’s at your local pool or in open water, pick your distance and take the plunge! Your swimming strokes will change lives.

Other ways to fundraise at work:

  • Choose us as your Charity of the Year and we will help you plan a whole year’s worth of fun activities for you and your team!
  • Organise a Duvet Day Lottery. Everyone loves a raffle or sweepstake, what if the prize was an extra day’s leave? Tell us about your fundraising and will send you the info and materials you need.
  • Have a Dress Down day! Make a donation to wear your comfiest outfit, a costume, or particular piece of clothing (why not a pink dress code for Valentine’s Day?). Compete with your colleagues for the best (or worst!) outfit.

Let us know about your plans – we're here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Looking to boost your fundraising efforts and make a bigger impact?