Poppy Hadkinson
Living with asthma

The asthma attacks I suffered were so severe that by the time I was 22 I was questioning whether I’d make it to my next birthday

Too many people live with and die from lung conditions.

Science, research, innovation and above all investment are the only ways to save and change lives. But long-term lack of investment has held back scientific progress. At the moment, only 2% of all public research spend goes towards lung research.

We’re making the UK a Lung Research Superpower. After working with government, respiratory academics, pharmaceutical industry and tech companies, to explore how greater investment in lung research should be deployed. We have identified five areas which need attention:

  • Data platform to improve respiratory data collection and include respiratory findings in large studies.
  • Diagnostics to develop new and more accurate was of diagnosing respiratory diseases.
  • Treatments to accelerate the development of new drugs and make the UK the best place to do respiratory clinical trials.
  • Digital self-management to create innovative ways of managing respiratory disease.
  • Prevention to target the underlying causes of respiratory disease and to reduce emergency admission.

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