Patient-centered innovation to transform self-management

Nobody who struggles to breathe should look back and think that with better care they could have had a better life.

People with lung conditions should be equipped to take charge of their health. But currently:

  • 25% of COPD deaths could have been prevented with better routine care, and
  • 38% of asthma patients are over-reliant on their reliever inhaler, putting them more at risk of an asthma attack.

When people’s treatment and health rely on self-management, we must do better. Worse, the poorest communities are shouldering the biggest burden of unsupported self-management.

Accessing care at the right time is key for patients and for relieving pressure on an overburdened NHS. People can be supported in their own homes if we commit to working alongside the NHS to develop and pilot the right technologies to manage and track symptoms.

We’re calling for:

  • Testing and roll-out of new digital tools that help people keep track of their symptoms and effectively manage their symptoms and condition
  • Development of smart care pathways that connect with and use patient data to make better decisions about people’s care and self-management plans
  • Innovative health systems suitable for the 21st Century which provide highest-quality care using cutting edge technologies and also meet net-zero targets