One in five people experience lung condition symptoms before seeking help. Even then, they face delays to diagnosis, complex tests, and poor access to the care they need.

Saving and improving people’s lives starts with a timely and accurate diagnosis.

Today, the process is complex, often inaccurate and requires specialist centres and equipment. The lack of early diagnosis is significantly contributing to a failure to develop meaningful early-stage treatments. And people are dying.

We’re calling for:  

  • A multi-year investment of £3 million from NIHR and Innovate UK to develop novel lung diagnostics.
  • A long-term investment of £10 million a year for 5 years to identify new biomarkers, signs of disease, and new diagnosis tests.
  • An –omics base for researchers to radically improve our diagnostic capabilities – an in depth method of analysis to understand what’s going wrong in our lungs.