Asthma triggers

An asthma trigger is anything that irritates your airways and sets off your asthma symptoms

What triggers asthma symptoms?

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Understanding asthma triggers

Different people’s asthma symptoms can be triggered by different things – from food to air pollution, animals or weather.
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Weather and asthma

From hot to cold to thunderstorms, weather can trigger asthma symptoms. Find out why different kinds of weather, and sudden changes in temperature, can make your asthma worse - and get expert tips on how to stay well.
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Chest infections and asthma

Find out how to manage your asthma well so that your symptoms are not affected by a chest infection.
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Food and asthma

Most people with asthma do not have to follow a special diet. But, in some cases, certain foods can make symptoms worse.
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Colds, flu and asthma

Colds and flu can be miserable for anyone, but if you have asthma they can potentially trigger symptoms.
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Alcohol and asthma

Some people’s asthma symptoms get worse when they drink any kind of alcohol, while others may only have symptoms when they have a particular kind of drink such as wine or beer.
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Emotions and asthma

Find out why emotions can impact your asthma and how to manage this trigger.
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Female sex hormones and asthma

Find out more about female sex hormones and asthma, and how you can lower your risk. 
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Recreational drugs and asthma

Knowing the facts about recreational drugs can help keep your asthma under control.
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Stress and asthma

Find out how stress can trigger asthma symptom and how to lower your risk of stress affecting your asthma.
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Exercise and asthma

Exercise is good for everyone, including people with asthma. If your asthma is well controlled, you should be able to join in, have fun and keep fit.
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Pollen, hay fever and lung conditions

Find out how an allergy to pollen causes hay fever, how hay fever affects your lung condition, and how to manage it so it has less impact on your daily life.
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Sex and asthma

Having sex can be an asthma trigger, just like any exercise. But, with good management of your symptoms, your sex life will be unaffected.
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Damp, mould and asthma

Find out how damp and mould could make your asthma worse and how you can manage them.
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Air pollution and asthma

Find out how air pollution can trigger your asthma symptoms
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Cigarettes and asthma

Find out why cigarette smoke can trigger your asthma symptoms and how you can avoid it.
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Dust mites and asthma

Find out how you can lower the risk of dust mites affecting your asthma.
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Pets and asthma

Find out how cats, dogs and other pets can trigger asthma symptoms and how to lower your risk.
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