Your fundraising materials

Whether you’re organising a bake sale, a sponsored walk or a pub quiz, here’s everything you need for your fundraising event!

Printable resources

Event poster

Make sure everyone in your office, school or community knows about your fantastic fundraising. Simply print and add the details of your event.

Sponsorship form

Are you collecting cash donations? Ask your supporters to tick the Gift Aid box if they are UK tax payers – their donation would be worth 25% more!



Please note that all sweepstakes must be regulated under specific guidelines. There is one important point about running sweepstakes at your place of work, please note that only your work colleagues can participate in the sweepstake.

We also encourage responsibility in gambling and suggest that an age limit be applied in selling tickets to family members. We at Asthma + Lung UK would like to ensure our supporters are running all raffles and sweepstakes safely and legally, so if you have any questions please do reach out to us before you proceed.

Printable sweepstakes

An easy way to boost your fundraising. We recommend asking everyone in your office or family to pay £2 to make a guess on your sweepstake. Whoever wins can get a special prize of your choosing!

Half marathon sweepstake

Try our sweepstake if you are taking part in a half marathon.

Marathon sweepstake

Try our sweepstake if you are taking part in a marathon.

General sweepstake

Get your friends and family involved in a fun sweepstake that matches your personal challenge!

Important facts and figures

Make sure everyone understands why the fight for lung health is so important. Share these facts and figures with your supporters – it will help them understand why you’re fundraising for us.

Our achievements

Discover the incredible impact of our achievements in support, research and campaigning.

Why we need you

Find out why your support is crucial in making a difference and helping those affected by lung conditions. 

Why your money matters

Learn more about why your money matters.