How cleaner air helps the economy

Air pollution is costing taxpayers. Discover how cleaner air could help the UK economy.

Air pollution doesn’t just damage our health, it is costing taxpayers a lot of money. That's because it puts a burden on health and social care services, and sick days from work cost money.

An extra £1.6 billion a year

A recent report (PDF) found that the UK economy could benefit to the tune of £1.6 billion each year if it were to achieve the guidelines set by the WHO for air quality.

Cleaner cities are good for business

Healthier communities that are more resilient and less likely to get sick, are good for businesses. Studies have shown that more walking and cycling in city centres can also boost consumer spending on the high street.

Cleaner air is needed to build back better from COVID-19

Given that many people with long-term breathing challenges from COVID-19 are also likely to be more susceptible to air pollution, protecting at-risk groups and improving the nation’s lung health has never been more critical. Now is our opportunity to build back better and healthier, to ensure that children grow up breathing air that isn’t damaging their health or their futures.