Risks to your child's lungs

Lung conditions can be caused by the genes your child is born with, as well as things in their environment that affect their lungs as they grow. In this information, we explain some of the early risks to your child’s lungs, the dangers of passive smoking and air pollution, as well as how you can reduce the risks to your child’s lungs. 

Risks to your child's lungs

How can passive smoking affect your child's lungs?

Passive smoking is when you breathe in the tobacco smoke from someone else’s cigarette, cigar or pipe.

How does air pollution affect children's lungs?

Air pollution can affect your children's lungs before and after birth.
Mother and baby

What are the early life risks to children's lungs?

This information describes some of the risks to children's lungs as they develop.

Protecting your child's lungs

What can parents do to protect their child’s lungs?