Fighting for Northern Ireland's Right to Breathe

At some point in our lives, one-in-five people will develop a lung condition. Asthma + Lung UK is the only UK-wide charity looking after the lungs of Northern Ireland and our vision is for a world where we can all breathe with healthy lungs

Pledge 1: prevent it

I will support a Clean Air Strategy and Clean Air Bill to reduce air pollution and improve lung health.

Pledge 2: quit it

I will campaign for a smoke-free Northern Ireland by the mid 2030s.

Pledge 3: diagnose it

I will champion a regional lung screening programme to identify undiagnosed lung conditions and get people the treatment they need.

Pledge 4: treat it

I will call for a Lung Health Strategy that will ensure the best care for all living with a lung condition.

Pledge 5: live better with it

I will support the Right To Rehab, so that everyone with a lung condition gets the rehabilitation they need.