Your asthma action plan

Find out more about asthma action plans and why using an asthma action plan helps you manage your asthma well.

What is an asthma action plan?


“Using an asthma action plan makes it easier to look after your asthma every day, so you’re less likely to need hospital treatment for an asthma attack."

Dr Andy Whittamore, Asthma +Lung UK’s in-house GP.

Your asthma action plan tells you:

  • which medicines to take every day
  • what to do if your asthma symptoms get worse
  • what to do if you have an asthma attack.

How do I get an asthma action plan?

If you’re not using an asthma action plan yet, it’s easy to get started:

  • Download or print a free asthma action plan.
  • Take it along to your next asthma appointment and ask your GP or nurse to help you fill it in. Talk through the plan together so you’re clear on how to use it.
  • Ask them to print a copy out for you, or send it to you by email, SMS or WhatsApp.

We also have asthma action plans for MART (Maintenance and Reliever Therapy), and AIR (anti-inflammatory reliever).

Our adult asthma action plans are available in a range of different languages.

Find out more about our child asthma action plan

Using my asthma action plan

1. Keep it where you can see it

Ask for a digital copy so you can save it on your phone or computer. You could also take a photo to save on your phone.

If you have a paper copy, keep it somewhere where it’s always easy to find, such as with your medicines and inhalers.

2. Share it with others

Whether it’s a paper or a digital copy, share your asthma action plan with friends and family, so they know what to do if you have an asthma attack.

Having clear instructions written down on an asthma action plan makes it easier for you and others to know what to do if you have an attack.

You might also want to share your asthma action plan with people you work with. 

3. Take your action plan to all your appointments

Take your asthma action plan along to all your asthma appointments so your GP or nurse can make sure it’s up to date.

Get support

Call our Helpline for support with your condition. Get advice on your medicines, symptoms or travelling with a lung condition, or just call us to say hello.

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