Helping your child live well with asthma

We know that helping your child manage their asthma can be worrying. This information is designed to help you feel prepared. Find out how to make everyday life easier when your child has asthma.

Your child's life with asthma

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Asthma at school and nursery

Find out how to keep your child safe at school or nursery if they have asthma or suspected asthma.

Asthma and your child's sleep

Find out why your child’s asthma symptoms may be worse at night and how you can help them sleep well.
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Help your child stay active

Find out how physical activity can help your child manage their asthma.
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Leaving your child with other people

Find out how to feel more confident about leaving your child in other people’s care.

Wellbeing for parents and carers

Get help to deal with your feelings about your child’s asthma.