Asthma care in the NHS

How to get the best from the NHS

Get the best from the NHS

Learn how you can work together with different NHS services to get the best care and manage your asthma well.

Transition from child to adult asthma care

Find out about moving from child to adult asthma services, why it’s important to have a transition plan, and who can support you

Not happy with your NHS asthma care?

What do you do if you don’t feel happy with your asthma care? Here we outline how you can give feedback or make a complaint to the NHS.

Referrals to NHS services

Find out how your GP or asthma nurse can refer you to other NHS services like stop smoking services, weight loss clinics, allergy testing and asthma specialists

Your asthma healthcare team

Find out how doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can help you manage your asthma well.

Asthma care in intensive care

Here we look at what's involved when someone with a life-threatening asthma attack is admitted to an intensive care unit for emergency care.

Calling an ambulance for an asthma attack

Find out what happens when you call an ambulance for an asthma attack and how the ambulance team can treat your attack while you’re on your way to the hospital.

Staying in hospital for your asthma

Find out what happens when you need to stay in hospital because of your asthma, how long you may need to stay, and what happens next.

What happens in A&E (Accident and Emergency)?

What happens when you go to A&E (accident and emergency) with asthma? Learn how your asthma might be treated by the NHS in an emergency situation.

Private healthcare for asthma

If you live in the UK asthma care is free on the NHS. Here we look at why some people with asthma decide to go private.
Man using an inhaler with a health professional

Specialist asthma care

If you have severe asthma or asthma that's difficult to control your GP might refer you to receive specialist asthma care. Read more about what this means.

Asthma and your pharmacist

Your local pharmacist is a health expert you can turn to for advice and support about your asthma, and the great thing is you don't need an appointment.