Getting your child diagnosed

Finding out if your child has asthma can take time. From spotting symptoms to getting a diagnosis, our expert advice explains each step and gives you easy-to-follow guidance. 

Diagnosing asthma in children

Mother and daughter

Spotting asthma symptoms in your child

Does your child cough? Wheeze? Get breathless? Spot the signs and decide whether to talk to your doctor about asthma
Parent and child arriving at GP practice for their appointment

Preparing to talk to your GP

Important steps to get the most out of your first doctor’s appointment so you're ready to tell them everything about your child's symptoms and family history
Asthma + Lung UK

Understanding what your GP said at your child’s first appointment

Understand some of the things the GP said in your child's first appointment for asthma symptoms.
Child and parent looking at a peak flow meter

Testing for asthma

Everything your doctor might do to diagnose whether your child or baby has asthma – from checking family history, to medical tests and ‘trial of treatment

Managing your child’s symptoms

Easy tips on keeping your child safe and symptom free when they have suspected asthma and you haven't got a diagnosis yet
Smiling parent helping their child use an inhaler with a spacer

Getting a confirmed diagnosis

What to do once your child has an asthma diagnosis confirmed, so you can lower their risk of asthma symptoms
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