Respiratory Insights for innovators

Supporting your work to improve the lives of people living with lung disease

Our rich bank of insights can inform your work so that it makes the biggest difference for people with lung disease.

As the go-to organisation for people with lung disease, we’re uniquely placed to understand their beliefs, preferences and behaviours.  

Through our Respiratory Insights consultancy service, we work with innovators and tech providers like you to share our insights, extensive networks and established communications channels. Together, we can ensure that your proposed product or intervention is more useful, desirable and accessible to ultimately improve outcomes for people with lung disease. 

Depending on your budget and timings, where appropriate we can involve people with lung disease with your research in the following ways:

  • Strategic advice and planning 
  • Gathering quantitative insights 
  • Gathering qualitative insights 
  • Access to our network of innovators

Please note: whilst we are able to provide strategic advice and support in making your intervention patient-centred, we are not able to promote or endorse individual products and services. 

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