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Poppy’s story


More women than men have asthma. They experience more hospital visits, more asthma attacks and are more likely to die from them.

Pollen and air pollution are well-known asthma triggers, but what people might not be aware of is that times of hormonal change (during puberty, periods, pregnancy, peri-menopause and menopause) can also cause asthma symptoms to flare-up or even trigger life-threatening asthma attacks

Poppy didn’t know that hormonal changes could cause changes in asthma symptoms. Even now her asthma is under control, every month she finds her asthma is exacerbated just before her period.

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Do you think time of hormonal change, eg. During your period, pregnancy or menopause could be/ has affected your asthma?

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Jo, who lives with severe asthma

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Here at Asthma + Lung UK, with the help of our supporters, we’re funding research into why asthma is worse for women and the effect hormonal changes can have on asthma.

We want to stop women and those affected by this from experiencing worse asthma and give them the support they need to manage their symptoms whenever they need it.

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