The Breathe Easy Programme

Living with a lung condition can be difficult. Let's talk about it.

These four workshops are designed to help provide you with a toolkit for looking after your lungs. You’ll learn some behaviour change techniques to help you stay motivated, as well as some full body breathing. You’ll get to attend a pulmonary taster workshop and a talk from one of our respiratory nurses, including time for any questions at the end.

We ask that if you've attended this course in the last six months you don't register again just yet. We want these sessions to be available to as many people as possible.

We know it isn't always possible, but we ask that you try to attend all four workshops as the sessions are designed as part of a programme, and you will benefit more by attending all four sessions. 
We also kindly ask that you arrive in good time for the start of the sessions. As the practical sessions require instruction and explanation if you arrive during this time you’ll be admitted after that particular practice is completed.

The sessions start on Wednesday 3rd April 10.30am. Places are limited, so register now. 

Register here

Email or call 0300 222 5800 to find out more.

Our sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to try something you may not have been able to try before. They may involve moderate exertion, so it is important that you consider your own physical well-being so you don't put yourself at risk  We encourage you to talk to your GP before attending to ensure the activity is right for you. Our practitioners are fully qualified to deliver on-line respiratory sessions and will encourage you to listen to your body, take regular breaks and always seek medical attention if you don't feel right. There is always a member of the team checking in with everyone during the sessions. If you would like more information about the activities on offer then please contact us at or call 0300 222 5800, option 4