How we produce our health information

Find out how we create clear, up-to-date and reliable health information that meets the needs of everyone affected by lung conditions.  

What we produce

We provide free, expert health information to help you understand, manage, and live well with your lung condition. Our information supports you to make good decisions about your health. It can also help you to feel more confident and in control of your lung condition.

Whether you live with a lung condition, are a family member, carer, or friend, or simply want to learn more about lung conditions – we can help you find the information you need. Find information using the search box or browse the conditions A-Z on our website.


Our information is not a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. If you’re concerned about your health, we strongly advise talking to a healthcare professional. 

How we produce our information

All our lung health information is developed using the latest evidence, with the support of  

healthcare professionals and people living with lung conditions. Our information is produced by the Asthma + Lung UK Health Advice team in line with our editorial principles:  

We have a clear process for producing health information

All our lung health information is created following a detailed and consistent process to make sure we produce high-quality information.

We base our health information on reliable and up-to-date evidence

Our lung health information is based on the latest evidence from approved research and clinical guidelines. We review the evidence every time we update or change our information.

We make sure our information is clinically safe

All our lung health information is reviewed by our panel of expert healthcare professionals who volunteer their time to review our information. This ensures it’s accurate and reflects the best guidance available. We also work closely with our team of respiratory nurse specialists and Asthma + Lung UK’s GP.  This means you can feel confident our information is safe.

We involve people with lung conditions, their family, friends, and carers

We get feedback and insight from people affected by lung conditions to make sure all our health information is clear, accessible and relevant to people’s experiences.  

We review our information at least every three years

All our lung health information is reviewed every three years (or sooner) to make sure it is up to date and meets the needs of people affected by lung conditions. All our web pages are dated, so you can see when they’re going to be reviewed next.  

The Information Standard Principles

To make sure our information is clear, accurate, evidenced-based  and up to date, we follow the principles of the Information Standard developed byt he NHS. The Information Standard is a set of six clear principles that supports organisations to develop high-quality health information. You can read for about the the Information Standard Principles here. 


Our information is written to be as clear as possible to help everyone with a lung condition understand and manage their health.  


  • All our content is written as clearly as possible using plain English. 
  • The fonts we use on our website are designed to be easy to read.  
  • We use headings and subheadings that aid screen readers.  
  • Text can be resized using your browser settings.  

Website design    

  • Our website images contain alternative text descriptions to aid screen readers. 
  • Links on our website are highlighted and easy to see.    

Resource formats  

  • All of our health information pages have a print page option.
  • Our booklets and leaflets can be downloaded to print at home.
  • We have some health information available in easy to read formats.
  • We have some health information in different languages
  • Our videos are available with subtitles and transcripts.  


References and sources

If you would like to see a list of the evidence sources we’ve used to produce our lung health information, please call our Helpline team on 0300 222 5800 or email us on


We welcome feedback on our health information.  Your comments and suggestions help us to improve our information.

All our health information pages include a short survey where you can tell us if you found our information useful and leave anonymous feedback. The comments are regularly monitored.

To give feedback, you can also contact our helpline team on 0300 222 5800 email us directly. 

How you can support us

Join our Expert Reviewers panel  

We are always looking for healthcare professionals and experts to join our Expert Reviewers panel. We welcome experts with specialisms in any lung condition. Your knowledge will help us to ensure our health information is clinically accurate. Fill out our form to register your interest.

Join our Readers Panel  

If you or someone you care for has a lung condition, you can support us by reading and reviewing our information to make sure it reflects your experiences. Join our Readers Panel to help us create good quality information for the millions of people living with a lung condition who visit our website and download our resources.

Help give everyone with a lung condition the information they need

We can only make our high-quality lung health information with your support. Your generous donations allow us to provide the latest advice for people that are affected by a lung condition. 

Did you find this information useful?

We use your comments to improve our information. We cannot reply to comments left on this form. If you have health concerns or need clinical advice, call our helpline on 0300 222 5800 between 9am and 5pm on a weekday or email them.

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