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Breath is an inhalation, an exhalation. It’s a whisper, a sigh, a song, a laugh, a cry.

Breath is life. And it’s worth fighting for.

Lung health affects all of us. Across the UK, people are struggling to breathe and it’s an injustice that must end.


Together we can help create a world where everyone breathes freely.


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The need for change

Lung disease is a hidden disability – I look perfectly well until I struggle to breathe. People don’t understand the reality of lung conditions until it happens to a loved one.”

Asthma + Lung UK supporter

Breath is life – and it’s worth fighting for.


Our ambition is for 20% fewer people to lose their lives or have their lives affected by lung conditions by 2027.

From research and campaigning to advice + support, we are here to drive a transformation in lung health

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