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‘Air pollution damaging health from the cradle to the grave’, charity warns

Wednesday 27th August 2022

Asthma + Lung UK responds to new report that links air pollution and dementia.

Sarah Woolnough, CEO at Asthma + Lung UK, said:

“This report is yet further evidence that the dirty air we breathe into our lungs every day has a significant impact on our health. Not only does it cause lung conditions like lung cancer and trigger conditions like asthma, but it’s becoming ever more clear that it also contributes to dementia and heart disease. This is a public health emergency that is affecting people from the cradle to the grave, and that’s why as a charity we’re urging the government to commit to tougher legal limits in October 2022 which will curb the levels of the most harmful form of air pollution to human health (PM2.5) by 2030, rather than current proposals which delay compliance until 2040. As the evidence relating to the health effects of air pollution continues to grow, we cannot risk forcing another generation to grow up breathing dangerous air that is harming their lungs and future health.”